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Thanks to the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto we now have visual proof of the EXTERNAL structural organization of water and the potential to influence that structural organization through our intent. Dr. Emoto developed a method to freeze water samples and then photograph the resulting crystalline formation, using a microscope (x500 amplification). He tested waters from all over the planet originating from many different sources … such as lakes, river, glaciers, city water, bottled, distilled etc.  Each of these samples revealed different levels of structural organization.  

However, he did not stop there ... Dr. Emoto took his testing to a new level.  He exposed samples of water to different types of music and tested the resulting crystallization.  Beethoven, Mozart, Bach all produced beautiful crystal formations.   On the other hand, some of our popular rock music and heavy metal music … produced distorted, broken and negative reactions in the crystalline structure.  He also took vials of water and placed various words on them … such as “Thank You”, “Love/Appreciation”, etc. … which again created beautiful crystal formations.  On the other hand, words such as … “Dirty”, “Devil”, “Demon” … produced an ugly non-descript mass.
When Mr. Excelex first viewed Dr. Emoto’s work in 2003, he immediately understood that there had to be many different types of structured water ... depending on the level of structural organization contained therein. Accordingly, Mr. Excelex developed the following classifications of structured water, from simple to highly complex, including zero structure - with their corresponding source waters.

Water with Simple Structural Organization: Image Masaru Emoto book

1.  Water with Simple Structural Organization

Examples of Simple Structure : (see Dr. Emoto’s Book, page 57-58) ... Water that comes from glacier sources ... Artesian water sources : the deeper the water source, the less structure there will be present  ...  Water that is treated with magnets or electro-magnets ... Bottled water originating from a natural source that has not been treated.  These water types possess one single level of the hexagonal form with either zero or very little crystalline formation around the hexagon .... and the center of this water drop has a pronounced deformation. 

Water with Medium to Complex Structural Organization: image Masaru Emoto

2.  Water with Medium to Complex Structural Organization

This water possesses a greater level of hexagonal lines of form and a greater concentration of crystalline structure around the hexagonal shape ... with the center of this water drop still evidently deformed.

Examples of Medium Structure :  (see Dr. Emoto’s Book, pages 38, 46, 56)  ...  Water from certain rivers ... Certain sources of Spring Water ...  And in rare cases, water from small lakes that are not polluted ...  Water that has been structured to a certain level by the “Magnetics of Love” ... Some water restructuring devices (depending on the design) will also produce a Medium Structure 

Water with Highly Complex Structural Organization: image Masaru Emoto Book

3.  Water with Highly Complex Structural Organization

This model, was demonstrated by Dr. Emoto in his book, when he wrote the words Love/Appreciation onto a vial of water.  This illustration shows the perfection for water with many levels of complex hexagonal and crystalline formations ... and, most importantly, with the center of the water drop like the surface of a mirror, absolutely flawless.

Examples of Highly Complex Structure : (see Dr. Emoto’s book, page 96) ...  Water that has been induced with the “Magnetics of Love” ... in accordance with the Pure Innocence of Love, or the High Vibrational Capacity and/or Spiritual/Scientific Wisdom of the individual who is inducing the frequency into the water ...  A good quality natural water that has passed through a Revitalization System which utilizes the “Magnetics of Love” together with High Definition Spiral Induction, Lines of Form, Polarization Mediums, and Quartz Crystals that have been geometrically programmed for such purpose (including but not limited to the Hexahedron 999). 

Water with ZERO Structural Organization: image Masaru Emoto book

4.  Water with ZERO Structural Organization  
Examples of Zero Structure (see Dr. Emoto’s Book, page 111 & 74) Polluted Water ... Distilled water ... Reverse Osmosis water ... Deionized water ...  U.V. treated water ...  Ozonated water ... And water that has gone through 5, or 7, or 9 different levels of filtration

So as we can see, the use of the term “structured water” cannot, in truth, be generically applied to identify a specific quality of water.

The above images are actual photos of Crystallized Water taken by Dr. Masaru Emoto published in the book “Messages from Water” Volume One Dr. Masaru Emoto (doctor of Medicine alternativa) / I.H.M. General Research Institute HADO Kyoikushu Co., Ltd.
(Dr. Emoto’s website  ...

NOTE: Since this article was written in 2006 there has been substantial research done on structured water.  In 2013 Gerald H. Pollack published his book "The Fourth Phase of Water" which he calls EZ Water.  This book is a must read for anyone interested in structured water.   See Videos.

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