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Around the world today there are about 40 scientific groups researching in the area  of bio-photonic science.  The greatest association is the International Institute of Biophysics ( I.I.B. founded in 1996 in Neuss, Germany) … as well as 14 other institutes and universities that have done their own research on the subject of coherence and biological communication.  These scientific groups are currently researching :

  • The quantitative and qualitative biophoton differences in normal and abnormal tissues;
  • How biophotons can be used to assess food quality;
  • How biophotons may indicate bacterial contamination;
  • How biophotons may be used for assessment of blood status and whole body status.
Bio-photons simply means Biological Light or ultra fine light emissions which is utilized by all biological life forms in the sustaining of life.  Each and every living form have their own biophotons.  Although bio-photonic science still needs to be viewed as an “infant science” there have been substantial revelations as a result of this extensive research.  To date, it has been determined and well established that biophotons are “the silent language of the DNA”. They are present in all living forms, to a greater or lesser degree, and can be measured in units per second per cm squared (u/sec/cm²). Biophotons transmit the electomagnetic impulses for all intra-cellular and inter-cellular functions … instructing the organisms in their regenerative, generative, or degenerative processes.  It has been scientifically recognized that bio-photons control the metabolism of cells, regulating growth and reproduction.  They act with laser like precision in the communication of information between cells.  

"Biophotonics" covers already a wide field of applications (e.g.,. basic biological research, food quality control, cancer research, pharmacology, health prophylaxis including whole-body counting of biophotons). The techniques in all these fields can be considerably improved in order to develop biophotonics into one of the most powerful non-invasive tools of investigating life with light”.
                                                                               … F. A. Popp 

Child holding ball of light - biophotons
Science is fast approaching the full understanding that … it is not the deterioration of life which diminishes the quantity and quality of the biophotons ... but on the contrary, IT IS WHEN THE QUANTITY AND QUALITY OF BIOPHOTONS DIMINISHES THAT LIFE DETERIORATES.
So it is easy to understand that the more we increase the potential of the biophotons, in quantity and quality, the more health and radiant life there will be ... in plants, animals, and the human species.

Biophotonic Scientists :
Alexandra Gurwitsch (1874-1954), a Russian biologist, was the first one to discover the ultra-weak light emission emitted by living organisms.  He is the founder of the theory of the morphogenetic fields.  In addition we have the following noted researchers : F.A. Popp, J.J. Chang, H. Frohlich, Q. Gu, Kih Li, B. Ruth, G. Becker, H.L. Konig, W. Peschka, Ewald Fisher, W. Nagl, H. Inaba, J. Slawinski, G. Cilento, R. Van Wijk, B. Chuirot, J. Fisch, R.P. Bajpai, L.V. Belousov, S. Cohen, H.H. Jung, K. Sup-Soh, M. Lipkind, V.L Voiekol, J. Slawinski, Y. Aoshima, Z. Michiniewicz, J. Swain, Yu. Yan, D. Schlesinger, A. Dolf, Z. Yan, A. Chotia, G.N. Lewis, Y. Oashima, L. Van Klitzing, Marco Bischof, G.J. Hyland, S. Suzuki, M. Kobayasi, M. Hiramatsu, E. Ciccolo, J. Benviste, L. Wolfgang. 

And there are more.  However, of all those scientists researching in the biophotonic domain, the most predominant and well known is F.A. Popp … who uses the term “biophoton” in order to differentiate with the “bioluminescence”.  According to Mr. Popp … biophotons are simple quantas which are permanently and continuously emitted by all living organisms.  They are the subject of quantum physics and demonstrate a universal phenomena attributed to all living organisms.

The science of tomorrow will prove or disprove our theories
The results of today will change our lives

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